By: Todd McLaughlin

5 Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller Home

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Whether you are relocating, moving from a house to a condo, or have just found that your current home is now too large for your needs, downsizing can be a long and arduous process. Don’t get physically or emotionally overwhelmed when downsizing to a smaller home — read on for some expert tips that will help make the downsizing process a smooth one:


Start early, it will take longer than you think

Downsizing can be a huge undertaking and a lengthy process. Rather than get overwhelmed by doing everything last minute, start as early as possible. It is advised to start in rooms you use the least – such as the basement or attic – as this is where the majority of your items will be stored.


Be ruthless, but also be kind to yourself

Sort through your things with your new home in mind – will these pieces fit both physically and stylistically into your new place? Listen to your heart – if an item has a great sentimental value and you can’t bear to be parted from it, that’s OK! Start with the least sentimental items first, and save your special mementos or photos for last.


Plan ahead

Don’t assume certain pieces of furniture will fit into your new place. The last thing you want it to go to the effort of moving an item, only to discover it doesn’t fit. Measure the dimensions of your new space and only take larger items that will not only physically fit into your new home, but will match the new aesthetic (if any) you are going for.


Enlist help if needed

Whether this includes family members or people you have hired to help you clear through the clutter, help is often appreciated! It is also good to have some support to keep you focused and on task. If you have been storing items for your family, it is best to include them in the process now. You don’t want to find out they wanted to keep those items only after you’ve donated them to the thrift store!


Ask questions

When deciding whether or not to keep an item, it helps to ask yourself questions about the item’s relevance or use. Does it hold any sentimental or monetary value? When was the last time you used it? Does it serve more than one purpose? Do you have the time to alter, fix, change it into something you want? Remember to recycle, reuse, or donate anything that you don’t need.


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