Top 5 Reasons to Live Near the Civic Hospital

Living in the Civic Hospital neighborhood of Ottawa offers a unique and desirable living experience. Here are the top five reasons to consider calling this neighborhood home:

  1. Convenient Transportation Connectivity: The Civic Hospital neighborhood benefits from excellent transportation connectivity. It is well-served by bus and has easy access to Highway 417. You can also easily bike everywhere throughout the year on dedicated bike lanes.
  2. Old World Charm: Some of the most elegant original Ottawa homes are found here, with the classic architecture contrasting with the style of the tallest condo in the City, The Icon, next to Dow’s Lake.
  3. Bike-Friendly Community: The Civic Hospital neighborhood is Civic Hospital Expansion: The Civic Hospital is a leading healthcare institution undergoing a significant expansion. Staff and medical students from the University of Ottawa will appreciate the convenience of living close to work. 
  4. Natural Recreation: The Civic Hospital neighborhood is surrounded by several natural and recreational spaces. Dow's Lake offers opportunities for boating and enjoying waterfront activities. The Arboretum, situated adjacent to the neighborhood, features rare plant specimens and tranquil walking trails. The Fletcher Wildlife Garden provides a peaceful escape in nature, attracting various bird species and wildlife. Additionally, the Experimental Farm walking paths offer scenic routes for leisurely walks or jogging. The spring Tulip Festival is an annual must-see. 
  5. Carleton University: Carleton University Is one of Ottawa's major post-secondary institutions. Living nearby offers easy access to campus facilities, libraries, research centers, and a vibrant student community. 

A home in the Civic Hospital neighborhood offers great transportation, growing opportunities at the Hospital, access to Carleton and the full Rideau Canaal experience.